3 Renovation Ideas to Turn Your Pool from Tired to Trendy

As another hot Australian summer draws to a close, it is timely to turn your attention to pool renovations before the cold winter weather takes hold. As someone who wants to make changes to their pool before the next summer, getting the work done now means you should be able to hire a pool contractor pretty easily. Also, the renovations will be completed well before next summer rolls around, so you're not intruding on the swimming time of your family. There are a number of ways you can easily update the look of a tired old swimming pool, so consider which one is going to suit your budget best.

Pool Waterfall

Adding a waterfall feature to the side of your pool adds a popular aesthetic look that many home owners are adding to their pool. The good news is this feature does not need any additional water to operate it as it uses water taken from your pool. This means the waterfall works well in areas where water conservation is of consideration.

It is estimated that an in-ground pool that is well landscaped and nicely incorporated into the surrounds of a property can add upwards of $30,000 to the value of your home. There are two additional benefits of adding a waterfall to your pool. Firstly, you can add a secondary filtration system to the waterfall to help clean your pool water clean. Secondly, the waterfall uses moving pool water which means the amount of algae you have growing in your pool will lessen. Constant moving water is a big deterrent to algae growth.

Pool Colour

Another way you can update the look of your pool is to change the colour of the liner. Previously, all pools were the same colour, but now you can pretty much have any colour pool you want; you just need to talk about your options with your pool renovator.

If you do decide to stay with a blue pool interior, consider changing the shade of blue being used. For example, if you change to a dark blue colour, then your pool looks like a deep, mysterious, inviting place to swim. A light blue, by comparison, makes a pool look much brighter and lighter when the sun hits it. Remember though that the colour choice you make should ultimately blend in with the rest of your garden surroundings.

Pool Design

Changing the design of an existing pool may seem impossible, but there is no change that cannot be made when you use the services of a reputable pool builder. For example, infinity pools are a stunning pool design that works well with sloping properties. You can change an existing pool to an infinity pool by having an experienced pool builder make changes to one edge of the pool so it takes on the "vanishing" appearance.

Alternatively, you could consider changing the shape of your existing pool. Rectangle pools are very common, so find out if your pool can easily be altered to an oval or kidney shape. Alternative pool shapes add excitement and vibrancy to your back yard. The only thing stopping a pool reshape is the area surrounding the pool. Obviously, if you want to make your pool bigger for a different shape, you need to have land around the pool you can expand into.

Pool renovations can be as intricate or as simple as your budget dictates. You don't have to go into next summer with your swimming pool looking the same as it does now. All you need to do is pick up the phone to start discussions with your swimming pool builders about what changes will suit your home and budget best.