Important Details You Don't Want to Overlook When Choosing a Pool for Your Home

When shopping around for a new pool for your home, you may find that there are far more options than you ever realized; this is good, as you're sure to find something that works for your property and your family, but it can also make the process very overwhelming! Note a few important details you don't want to overlook when choosing a style of pool, so you know you'll get one that works well for you and that provides hours of relaxing enjoyment every summer!

Above ground pools

When considering an above ground pool, note whether or not you'll want to lounge poolside. If so, you'll need an additional deck around the pool and not just a set of steps. Note the cost, and if safety would be a concern for children who might climb onto that deck and potentially fall off the side.

You might also consider if standard plastic pool steps won't provide enough room for comfortable and safe climbing, and if you would need custom steps built. Even with wider and more secure steps, younger children and those who are a bit older, or who have balance issues for any reason, may not like using steps of any variety, so consider if an in-ground pool is a better choice in those cases.

Foot traffic and splashing 

It's easy to think that you should get the largest pool you can afford and that will fit in your yard, in order to entertain as many people as possible. However, note if an overly large pool will allow for comfortable walking and mowing around the pool. You also want to consider if water splashing from the pool will easily reach your landscaping or a nearby wood fence. To allow for easier walking around the pool, and to avoid damage to landscaping and fencing, scale down the pool to something more manageable and proportionate to your space.


You may not give much thought to the shape of your new pool, but rounded pools are often not roomy enough for actual swimming or for games like water volleyball. Oval and rectangular pools may also leave more yard space for walking, and their longer length may make them feel less crowded, something to consider if you plan on entertaining friends in the pool. However, rounded pools may fit better in a more compact yard or in a corner of the yard, if that's the only space available on your property for a pool.