How Your Spa Can Be Kept Clean

Spas can be a great way to relax, but if you attempt to install one yourself, there may be problems that can result in greater costs, so it is recommended that you employ a contractor. As well as installing your spa, contractors can also maintain your spa. Contractors will use a variety of spa parts including covers, filters, chemicals, pumps, heaters, blowers, jets, lighting and controllers. This article will discuss the different parts that are used for keeping your spa clean.

Spa filters

Spa filters typically come in two types. These are pleated spa filters and micron spa filters. Pleated spa filters are filled with a material that is pleated, which heightens the surface area of the filter, making it more efficient. Micron filters have a material that is spun and are great for making the water appear clearer. This also means that fewer chemicals are needed to provide clarity in the water, therefore reducing costs. Micron and pleated filters may be fitted together or separately. Filters tend to last a long time if they are preserved well. Pleated filters require regular cleaning whereas micron filters only need to be occasionally replaced.

Spa sanitisers

Spa sanitisers can be made from different chemicals; some contain chlorine and others do not. They require regular, sometimes daily, use. You can apply these yourself.

Spa purifiers

Spa purifiers use minerals such as silver, zinc and copper to destroy bacteria and algae. This will mean that less chlorine is needed to maintain your spa. Spa purifiers provide various benefits. They do not use chemicals, therefore decreasing the likelihood of eye-stinging, hair damage and irritations to the skin. Also, this means that they do not produce potent chemical smells and they do not bleach costumes. They also do not require electricity or other tools to implement.

Spa covers

Spa covers come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your spa. They can protect your spa from heat and UV rays. They can also come with a child protection lock. They can be made from materials that resist chlorine, therefore avoiding bleaching of the cover. Furthermore, they can contain foam which prevents heat from escaping and allows for the cover to last long-term.

Why use a contractor to clean your spa?

Whether you are a business or home user, pool contractors can be employed to maintain your spa. They can test the chemical balance of the water and provide advice on methods of regular cleaning that you can enact yourself. Pool contractors can also remove stains and install filters.