Top Tips When Building Infinity Pools

An infinity pool is a pool with a vanishing edge. Typically, the vanishing edge is designed in such a way that the pool seems to adjoin to horizons, the sea, or physical features such as mountains. These pools have become popular in the 21st century due to their ability to blend in with modern home designs. Besides, they significantly increase the value of residential and commercial properties. 

Read this guide to learn more about infinity pools and the various considerations you should make when building an infinity pool on your property. 

How Do Infinity Pools Work?

Unlike standard pools, infinity pools have a slope that allows water to flow over the vanishing edge. The pool has a basin or secondary pool below the vanishing edge where water from the main pool collects and gets pumped back into the system. As such, the pool levels will always remain constant. 

Building an Infinity Pool

Find a builder with adequate experience in infinity pool construction. Their first task will involve inspecting your property to identify a suitable location to build the infinity pool. As indicated, the vanishing edge should face the horizon or preferred physical feature. The pool has to be constructed at an elevated place. It helps eliminate distractions such as trees and houses, which might block the infinity edge.

During the inspection, the contractor will assess how he or she will install the basin or secondary pool. Further, he or she will check the volume of the pool to know the type of pumps required to transfer water from the secondary pools to the tanks supplying water to the main pool. Remember, if you have many people using the pool, they will displace a lot of water into the secondary pool. As such, the secondary pool will overflow, and the infinity pool becomes empty.

After the inspection, the contractor will design the infinity pool. Most infinity pools take a rectangular or geometric design. However, you could also go for a kidney or oval shape. Infinity pool construction begins with excavation works. Consequently, the contractor will spray gunite and conduct plumbing works. Waterproofing is vital when building the pool. Remember, water leaks will weaken the soil surrounding the pool. As such, the structure could collapse. Once the concrete dries up, the contractor will install tiles and lighting. 

Infinity pools will enhance the appeal of your landscape. Learn more by contacting local infinity pool builders.